Automated Transcription Services—Acceptable for Business Podcasts?

Automated transcription services are popular with podcasters in the entertainment field, but can you “afford” to use them for your business podcast?

Podcasts dedicated to entertainment or just chewing the fat may benefit from using automated transcription services.  They are downright affordable and the transcript can be generated very quickly.  Many of these podcasts use this quick and dirty transcript to create show notes. But as a business person, with the pressure to save money in today’s economy, should you take advantage of these services too—for your podcast production, interview, new product roll-out, or training session?  The answer: No, run the other way!  Serious Damage to Your Brand Could Occur!

Skeptical?  Click on this link to go to WAAF’s The Hill-Man Morning Show.  You can pick virtually any show, but be sure to expand the “Transcript” under the video to view the “Not For Consumer Use” transcript.  It’s right next to the note, “Robot Overlords Only; Will not be 100% accurate”.  Click “play” and prepare to be entertained; yes, both from the show and the text!  I think this will erase any doubts you might have.

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  1. […] Ryan Dube from recently wrote a great tutorial on how to use voice-to-text functionality within Express Scribe transcribing software.  This is a great solution for recording yourself (dictation) and getting a very quick and accurate result; however, be aware that this is not a solution for transcribing voice audio files.   Why?  Voice recognition software must first learn your voice.   Other voices will tend to confuse it and produce what Ryan calls “garbage”.   Interviews, group discussions or any recording that is in a less than ideal environment will also not transcribe well.  The noise and/or lack of clarity in these environments will create more “garbage” from your voice-to-text software.  Want to see an example?  I recently wrote a blog post that links to a radio station’s use of automated transcription software. […]

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