automated transcription services

Do you want these hands representing your brand?

Automated transcription services are popular with podcasters in the entertainment field, but can you “afford” to use them for your business podcast?

Podcasts dedicated to entertainment or just chewing the fat may benefit from using automated transcription services.  They are downright affordable and the transcript can be generated very quickly.  Many of these podcasts use this quick and dirty automated podcast transcript to create show notes. But as a business person, with the pressure to save money in today’s economy, should you take advantage of these services too—for your podcast production, interview, new product roll-out, or training session?  The answer: No, run the other way!  Serious Damage to Your Brand Could Occur!

Why Almost No One Should Use Automatic Transcription Services

Automated transcription is inaccurate to say the least. Are you willing to put inaccurate information on your website? Will the automated algorithm spell your company name correctly, your officers, or even your products and services? Likely not. Stay tuned to the end of this post and we will share a link that emphasizes this point.

In James Cridland’s post on, he suggests that podcasters should want total control over their own content. He says, “…automated transcripts are mostly correct but partially wrong – and they’re not ideal to publish on a website in some cases. For complex legal reporting, having an incorrect transcript on a website could open the podcaster to legal trouble.” I would agree, but also believe that smaller less obvious mistakes make you look sloppy and unprofessional. Is that an image you want to project to your listeners?

Manual Transcription is Better for Business Podcasts

For the cost of a good dinner, an average 30-minute podcast can be transcribed with almost 100% accuracy. We provide such a transcript, labored over by a native English-speaking professional. We manually look up any industry specific keywords, officers names, and how your company spells your branded products and solutions. Our transcription services will make your company look professional and you will gain loyal customers–quite the alternative to automating your transcript.

Skeptical?  Click on this link to go to WAAF’s The Hill-Man Morning Show.  You can pick virtually any show, but be sure to expand the “Transcript” under the video to view the “Not For Consumer Use” transcript.  It’s right next to the note, “Robot Overlords Only; Will not be 100% accurate”.  Click “play” and prepare to be entertained; yes, both from the show and the text!  I think this will erase any doubts you might have.