best transcription services

Transcribing takes focus and a special skill set. Quality work, with value, will help create repeat customers for years to come.

Here are 3 key principles to providing the best transcription services to your clients.

As a transcriptionist, help your clients put their content into context and it will keep them coming back.

1. Do you offer top-notch transcription skills? You need to be a fast and accurate typist with a tremendous grasp of grammar.  You must maneuver in transcription software like you were born doing it, follow client-provided style guidelines, and never waver from the deadline-being-the-deadline. When you provide digital audio transcription services, you’re ultimately evaluated on keeping your word and delivering the words on time. Don’t dabble. Make sure you have what it takes to succeed.

2. Do you like to learn new information? Offering transcribing services gives you a view into industries and subjects that may be new to you. Don’t deliver a final draft with (inaudible) or (indistinguishable) notations when a quick search on the Internet could verify these terms you’re unsure of. In addition, ask the client if they can provide a list of commonly used terms from the recording. This will help you provide a more accurate transcript.  Offering these value-added services is not lost on the client; they know when you’re going the extra mile.

3. Are you viewing things from the client’s eyes? The transcript is the end-product delivered to the client, but what else does your client receive from you? Do you do an audio proof (not just proofing while typing the raw transcript) to review the quality of the transcription? Do you offer a final read-through to ensure comprehension? Are you alerting the client of items that may be discrepancies in their transcript? A “good enough” transcription is never an option. Deliver with the quality that you’d expect to receive.

If you’re a top-notch transcriptionist or if you’re a company seeking transcription support that meets YOUR mark, contact AudioFile Solutions today. We provide the best transcription services to our clients on a daily basis and would like a chance to prove it to you.