Old Phone Picture That Does Not Allow for Conference Call Recording

Conference Call Recording Feature Will Not Work with This Type of Phone

ReadyConference Plus Features
People who already use PGi’s ReadyConference Plus audio conferencing service may already know about the cool features that are included for free with this service:

  • Web Interface/Control Including Active Talker Icon
  • Global and Individual Mute/Un-Mute
  • Dial Out Access

Each of the above features separates PGi’s ReadyConference Plus from the free conference call services.

Conference Call Recording
But today I am going to talk about the conference call recording feature (hint: press *22 to activate before your call formally begins).  This is my favorite, by far, because it serves two very unique purposes.

1. It records your conference call as a digital replay—accessible to anyone with a telephone.
2. It acts as a high quality conference call recording for creation of high resolution audio files—such as wave, MP3, etc.

Most of our clients need a high resolution, high quality conference call recording, so we will skim over number one fairly quickly.  Suffice it to say, if anyone misses your live conference call, this is a great way to allow them to listen to it after-the-fact.

High Quality Conference Call Recording
To record your conference call and receive a pristine audio file useful for archiving, podcast production, audio editing, or online distribution, it’s as easy as pressing *22 before your call formally begins.  When your call is over, just hang up, and the recording will stop automatically.  Here is a link to PGi’s support page and a video from PGi that gets into the details of using this feature.  But believe me when I tell you, it is easy cheesy.

After the call is over, PGi will email you instructions on how to access this recording.  Forward that email to your AudioFile Solutions product manager and you will receive your audio file shortly afterward.  Costs for this service vary, so please ask your representative for pricing before you record your call.

We can also create a high quality conference call recording from your live event.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for the details.

Stay tuned for more ReadyConference Plus features you might have overlooked.

photo by Workaholic Mimir