Laptop after editing a webex conference

We’ve been editing a lot of recordings made with the WebEx web conferencing application lately.  Many people think this cannot be done because WebEx is a proprietary service that creates .arf and .wrf file extensions.  Rest assured, we are editing both the audio and the video of these web conference recordings with very little noticeable quality loss.

When you download the WebEx file from their website, the file extension will be .arf.  If you’ve recorded directly to your computer, expect to see a .wrf extension.  We can fully edit both of these file-types.

Whether you want all stuttering, ahs and ums removed from the audio, or whether you made mistakes in the video / slide presentation, we can fix just about anything.  We also automatically remove all dead air from the beginning and end of the presentation.

Output format is video and ready to post on your website.  Windows Media (WMV), MP4, and FLV are all options, including many more, even for DVD and Blu-Ray…

Contact us today for more information on our WebEx audio and video editing service.