PGi self-service conference call company

Years ago, web conferencing was in it’s infancy, and all audio conference calling was full-service.  To make a reservation, one needed to physically call the company to set up a conference call.  If you were lucky, the reservationist might discuss with you the ins & outs of having a successful event.  The actual conference was handled by one or more support specialists who would answer all incoming lines and connect them to your meeting.  If you felt the need to complement or complain to the company about how your call was handled, you’d once again pick up the phone to talk with a customer service agent.

While full-service continues to be a big part of the market, self-service is growing  increasingly important.  Customers want to learn about products online, sign up for services via a website, and even use their conference call account without ever contacting another human being.

Among CSPs (Conferencing Service Providers), PGi is leading the way in ensuring a quality self-service experience.  This is but one reason why we have chosen to be one of their premier agents.

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