podcast marketing

Thinking about getting started with podcasts?

Wondering how a podcast marketing strategy can help your business?

Podcasts are great tools that can help your business in several big ways. However, if you’re new to this kind of entertaining and informative content, you may not know what to expect.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below we’ll tell you exactly how a great podcast marketing strategy can benefit your business.

1. Podcast Marketing Grows Your Audience

One of the best things about podcasting is that it can go a long way in growing your audience and getting your business in front of new markets.

It can help you build your brand and get new customers interested in your business that wouldn’t otherwise know about you. When you post your podcast online, in places such as iTunes and other online platforms, you can reach a brand new audience.

When recording a podcast, you’ll also be working to provide interesting and educational content that can help people in your industry. Because of this, even people who didn’t know about your business before may check out your podcast first, then learn more about your business later on as a result.

2. It Helps You Build a Better Connection

Podcasting can be great not only for helping you tap into a bigger audience, but it can also help you to connect more deeply with your current customers.

Podcasting is an intimate platform where you can discuss all kinds of topics in an in-depth and personal way. This personable nature of podcasts is very important for businesses these days. With the rise of the internet and social media, customers want to feel a deeper connection with a business and the people behind it.

As a result, podcasting is a great way to let your personality show while building a deeper more trusting relationship with current clients and customers. This trust is essential for creating lasting business relationships that help your business grow.

3. It Helps You Build Authority In Your Industry

A podcast strategy can also be a great solution to building more authority in your industry. While trust and connection can be a big help for growing and maintaining your audience, it’s also important that they understand that you know what you’re talking about.

Use your podcasts to inform audiences about your product and to help with any challenges those who work in your industry are facing. Teach your audience about a new way of doing something or educate them about a concept.

This kind of educational podcast can be a great way to build your authority in your industry and solidify yourself as an expert in the eyes of your customers.

4. It Gives Your Business a Competitive Edge

No matter what industry you’re in, chances are that you have plenty of competition. If you’re looking to gain a competitive edge, a podcast marketing plan can be a great way to help you do it.

When you give your audience value in the form of podcasts and educational and entertaining materials, you set yourself apart from your competitors who aren’t providing this to their audience.

Customers will be more likely to choose a business that has made an effort to help them and share their knowledge, compared to a business that only wants them to buy their products.

5. Podcasts Help You Meet Industry Experts

In addition to helping you build an audience, podcasts can also serve as an excellent networking tool that can give you a great excuse to meet more experts in your industry. Podcasts are a really good avenue for interviewing experts or influencers in your field.

Having a regular podcast with an audience can give you a great reason to reach out to contacts you wish you had but didn’t have a reason to talk to before.

Interviewing experts can also be very easy to do. Simply call them on the phone and have an interview with them while recording the conversation. This can be very simple for both you and the person you’re interviewing.

6. It Positively Influences the Rest of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

If you’re building a full digital marketing strategy, podcasts can play a crucial role in it. It can help to positively influence the other types of content you create as well.

Podcasts can be a great thing to tell your customers about on your social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Podcasts can also give you a lot of fuel for your blogging content.

After you release a podcast, you may want to review the topics you’ve discussed and then repurpose the content in other ways. Chances are, the podcasts you’ve created will give you some great ideas for blog content, or an idea for an informative infographic.

Keep in mind that podcasts are usually extremely evergreen. You’ll likely be able to market them and use them over and over again as part of your overall marketing strategy.

7. It Helps You Get More For Your Money

Another great thing about podcasts is that they are very easy and affordable to produce. While there are numerous marketing strategies that you can use to promote your business, few offer the value that you get by recording podcasts.

While podcasting comes with each of the benefits listed above, these benefits come at a very affordable cost. You can also do it easily. You simply need to do some basic recording and speak into a microphone.

This can be even easier than recording a video or making a blog post, and you can get a lot of value from each podcast you create.

Final Thoughts

Believe it or not, podcast marketing can do a lot for your business. If you’re ready to get a bigger audience and connect more deeply with your customers, a podcast can be a great new way to market your business.

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