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Automated Transcription Services—Acceptable for Business Podcasts?

Automated transcription services are popular with podcasters in the entertainment field, but can you “afford” to use them for your business podcast? Podcasts dedicated to entertainment or just chewing the fat may benefit from using automated transcription services.  They are downright affordable and the transcript can be generated very quickly.  But as a business person, with the […]

AVX Denver 2011: Video Webcasting for Corporate Communications

It is easy to get confused about the differences between web conferencing and webcasting.  At AudioFile Solutions, we record, edit and produce business presentations which can cross the boundaries of both technologies. I think of web conferencing as a collaboration between many individuals; hands-on training is a good example.  Let’s say your company has developed new […]

How to Get the Best Quality Podcast Recording Over a Telephone

When using our Podcast Recording Service for your next interview, it is important to remember that our service alone will not guarantee the best quality telephone recording.  There are a few steps you must take to ensure the recording is as clean as possible. All parties should be dialed-in on a landline phone. Non-speaking participants should be muted. A handset or […]

3 Keys to Providing the Best Transcription Services — For Transcribers

The best transcribers have a special skill set they use to provide a value added service to keep clients coming back year after year.

Recording Webinars by GoToMeeting, WebEx, MS Live Meeting and More

Our high definition webinar recording service is available for any platform, including GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, Microsoft Live Meeting, Adobe Connect, WebEx, PGi Global Meet and more.

Editing a WebEx Conference Recording

We are now editing the audio and the video of WebEx conference recordings.

PGi Leads the Way in Full-Service & Self-Service Conferencing

Self-service conference provider PGi leads the way in a quality customer experience.

Web Conferencing News: Adobe Unveils Adobe Connect 8 Web Conferencing Solution

Web conferencing service is updated and available through PGi and AudioFile Solutions.

Fax2Mail News: PGi Sells Fax Business to Focus on Audio & Web Conferencing Services

News for Fax2Mail, audio conference calling and web conferencing services by PGi and EasyLink.

Podcast Production Should Be a Team Effort, Not a DIY Project

Our podcast production services are increasingly being compared to automated, DIY services like BlogTalkRadio,, and the former Gabcast.  Let’s be clear, we are a professional podcast production studio and have no aspirations of being anything less.  These companies are better suited to individuals and businesses interested in making a podcast on their own.  Do-It-Yourself services have their […]