Picture from Jay Riddle of iPod Nano Recording

Looking for a way to use your iPod to cheaply record a podcastrecord your company conference call, or transcribe an interview or lecture?  Recording with an iPod is easier than you might think.  In all cases, these audio files can be used for podcasting, archiving or uploading to a transcribing company.

Here are the top 4 articles we’ve found that will help you use your iPod for recording.

1. Recording a Podcast Using an iPod and a Micromemo
Author: academictechnology

In this YouTube video, Jason discusses using a standard iPod to record lectures or interviews with the Micromemo.  He demonstrates how to plug-in the device and how easy it is to record directly to the iPod Nano.

2. Recording Lectures with an iPod Touch
Author: Heather M. Whitney

This post on The Chronicle of Higher Education site is geared towards those wanting to use the second-and third-generation iPod Touch for recording audio.  This method can be used to record lectures, interviews or any other live source via the iPod Touch.

3. Recording Phone Calls with an iPod
Author: Jake Ludington

Conference call recording is typically best left to experts like, well … us.  Jake Ludington says as much in the introduction to this post.  But if you find yourself with no other choice, recording your next phone call using the iPod—while not perfect—is doable.

4. Using Your iPod to Record Audio and Podcasts
Author: Michael Miller

With the right equipment and accessories, you can use your iPod to record conversations and interviews, and even to record and mix podcasts for broadcasting over the Internet.  Read this article to learn more.

photo by Jay Riddle