Conference call service providers record hundreds of calls every day. As such, they are concerned with one thing: saving valuable space on their servers. They record in a low resolution format so that the file size is small. It is an automated system that tries to fit every peg into the same size hole. We record your call or webinar by hand. We set all levels manually and optimize each file individually. The result is a much higher quality file that is suitable for the web, archiving, editing and even transcribing.

We can deliver your precious recording in virtually any format you desire. Some of the most popular are MP3, WAVE, MP4, and Windows Media.

Yes, we record in HD quality so whether it is audio or video, it is fully editable. We can remove pauses, mistakes, ahs, ums, stuttering, even replace misspoken facts or figures. Even images and slides can be fixed or replaced.

Yes, we are experts in podcast production and can create an audio podcast or a video podcast from your conference.

Yes, we can record your material without anyone else listening. We then go to work to create a podcast, archival recording, or even a YouTube video from your presentation.

Recording a conference call starts at $50. Webinar recordings start at $100. Editing, music and voiceovers are all billed a la carte and dependent on a lot of factors, so contact us for a more precise quote based on your specific project.

Yes, we offer a service that will record your conference for free. We will provide a high quality snippet of your presentation which will allow you to hear and see how much better our recordings are than our competition. If you are not satisfied, you pay nothing.

In most cases, we deliver audio files within one hour after your conference is over. For webinars, we ask for two hours so we can take the time to encode your video in the highest quality format.

Without a doubt! Don’t make the mistake of posting your podcast without the text. Neither Google nor Bing will index your podcast page without it. We provide a podcast transcription service so that your podcast will go viral around the world!

While Skype can provide decent quality audio, we are still recommending other methods. Skype has proven to not be reliable for professional quality results. However, if you have a Skype recording that you want us to edit, we would love to help.

While we record in high definition, a standard telephone call is a limited audio bandwidth. We are currently working on a super-secret way to solve this problem, however. Stay-tuned.

In most cases, we complete editing in 3-5 business days. Transcription adds another 3-business days. So, believe it or not, you can have a fully edited podcast, ready to be posted on your web page, with a transcript, in 6-8 business days after recording. Not fast enough? We also have a “rush” editing service that typically delivers in 24hrs.

Conference Call Recording Frequently asked questions
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