For podcasters, budgets are tight. Money is saved by recording “DIY” or outsourcing to an affordable podcast production company. The added expense of transcribing a podcast is a tough sell. But we believe this is short-sighted. In fact, transcribing your podcast is the single most important part of podcasting. Here’s why.

Podcast Transcription Services

There are three main reasons to transcribe your podcast.

  1. SEO. All major search engines look for text when they crawl your podcast page. They use this text, mining keywords, to rank your podcast in their results pages. If there is no text, you will simply not show up in their results. If there is a little text, like a title and show notes, you may end up in their results, but it will be so far down the listing that no one will even notice you. Contrast this with an accurate transcript, full of important keywords that describe your podcast perfectly. Post this keyword data mine to the same page as your podcast. Google will see all of these wonderful keywords and your podcast will go flying up to the top of their results pages.
  1. Aid to those with hearing disabilities. Without text, those with hearing disabilities will not be able to “listen” to your podcast. By posting the text alongside your audio, these individuals will have full access to the information in your podcast.
  1. Make it easy to get quoted and shared by others. It is difficult for a listener to share specific information about your podcast if there is no text for them to reference. Yes, you can share the podcast itself, but it is much more user-friendly to copy and paste relevant text along with the audio. Your listeners will post your podcast more often, making it easier to go viral around the world.

Accurate Podcast Transcription

Everyone is looking for a fast and affordable transcription service, but how about quality? Is that just as important? We believe that accuracy should be the number one goal of any podcast transcription service, and that’s exactly what we deliver. We provide the highest quality transcript possible, and we’d like to prove it to you.

  • We do not use automation for any part of your transcript. We transcribe by hand, from start to finish, with impeccable accuracy.
  • We have the best transcriptionists! All of them grew up speaking English as their native language.
  • We never outsource to India or any other country outside of North America.
  • Our transcribers have all passed a rigorous testing process, and many of them have been with us for over 10 years.

To top it off, we guarantee that you will be happy with our work. If for any reason you are not, simply return the transcript to us and we will fix it—no questions asked.

The Problem with Automated Transcription Services

It is common among podcasters to use machines or automated software to transcribe their podcasts. The vast majority site cost as an overwhelming factor in their decision. Is this a wise choice?

Large corporations spend millions of dollars promoting their brands, yet many podcasters seem to believe that the laws of marketing don’t apply to them. It is an everyday practice for podcasters to post automated transcripts alongside their cherished podcast. These transcripts are full of misspellings, incorrect grammar and bad punctuation, leading the reader to wonder what type of company they are listening to.

Transcripts done by human hands, but originating outside the United States, are hardly any better. They are full of these same problems, along with an ignorance of the subject matter at hand.

Don’t let your podcast transcript cause listeners to lose confidence in your brand. By contrast, let us provide you with a high quality, accurate transcript that will increase trust and cause your podcast to rocket up Google’s results pages.

For more information, please visit our Transcription Services page.

Podcast transcription services at an affordable rate

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