We’ve been providing our customers with high quality conference call and webinar recordings since 2002. These are not low resolution files like the big conference call companies provide, but pristine high resolution audio and HD-quality video files that are suitable for archiving, podcasting, and or editing into multimedia programs.

Why are our recordings the best?

  • Highest quality digital recording (320kbps MP3, 16-bit Wave/Aiff, HD MP4)
  • No dead air at beginning or end. We start when you start.
  • Can be edited. Long pauses and intra-conference mistakes removed.

Customer Testimonials

“The file sounds great! I also recorded with Audio Acrobat … and your file was greatly superior.”
-Eva Lang, Financial Consulting Group, LLC
“Every couple weeks I get on the telephone to conduct an interview with prominent athletes for ESPN the Magazine’s “Outtakes” column. This column would suck out loud without the help of AudioFile Solutions.”
-Kenny Mayne, ESPN Correspondent

“AudioFile Solutions not only provides quality recordings and quick turnaround time, but offers excellent customer service to ensure that every recording is a superlative product.”

-Patricia Neal, President, Heartland Inc.

Conference Call Recording

  • We record your conference call over the telephone in high resolution.
  • Your recording will be precisely optimized by hand. (This distinguishes our service from the big conference call companies who automate the entire process—focusing on quantity and not quality.)
  • The beginning and ending are trimmed of any irrelevant material such as on-hold music.
  • Intro and outro are faded in/out to sound professional.
  • We edit your recording. What if you have a belligerent caller on the Q&A session of your conference call? No problem. We can edit out the offending material and your final audio file will not contain any of the disagreeable information. In most cases, the editing will be seamless, as if it never happened.
  • Audio file encoding and conversion are done to our exact specifications. Custom bit depths and sample rates are available. We specialize in high quality audio.
  • Click to try our free conference call service at no obligation.Audio file recording, encoding and conversion to MP3, Windows Media™, Wave, Aiff and more.
  • We deliver your conference call or podcast recording via secure email, FTP, HTTP or overnight courier.

Try it at no obligation.

Pre-record a podcast or conference call

Let’s face it, as a business man or woman you work hard to know your product inside and out. But when it comes to presenting your expertise to the public, we can’t all be Dan Rather. We have over 20 years of experience recording and editing audio presentations to make you sound like the professional that you are. The process is easy.

  1. We record your presentation or interview over the telephone via a conference call.
  2. We edit the presentation removing any stops/starts, long pauses, stumbles, and extraneous noises.
  3. We prepare the final product for delivery to your podcast producer or conference call provider. (Check with your provider for their preferred medium: MP3, Wave, DAT, Audio CD, etc.)

Produce a radio-like event

One way to grab the attention of your audience is to entertain them in the process of giving them important information. A great way to do this is with a radio-style production that includes music and a voiceover. We have professional hosts and voiceover talent that you can use to introduce the key elements of your production. We also add music between segments to keep listeners alert and interested. We recommend that you keep the segments short and dynamic. Invite several different speakers to be part of the event and keep the discussion light-hearted and fun. This style of event needs a lot of planning, so contact us early in the process and your event will be smooth and professional.

Flexible and designed to make you sound good

Our conference call recording services are flexible and are designed to meet your specific needs. If at any time they do not, we will be happy to change our procedures to better meet your requirements. We feel that this level of customer service is what separates us from other providers.

See our Podcast Production page for more information on other podcast services.

Webinar Recording

We also record WebEx, Microsoft Live Meeting, Adobe® Connect™, and GoToMeeting® web conferences. We capture the entire conference, not just the slides or the video, but all cursor movements and collaboration—producing a video file that can be played on the web or authored to DVD. This web file is most commonly a MP4 file, but it can also be QuickTime, Windows Media™ or another type of file. The file format for DVD is Mpeg-2.

Webinar Editing

We also specialize in editing your webinar.  We can remove ahs, ums, stuttering and all types of audio stumbles withOUT losing sync with your slides. Most errors made in your slide presentation can also be fixed.

Produce a video without a web conference

Many people are aware of the “rehearse timings” feature in PowerPoint®. This feature allows you to skip the additional cost of a web conference. Simply give your PowerPoint presentation over the telephone. We record the audio while you push the PowerPoint slides. PowerPoint records the exact timings, allowing us to sync your telephone recording with your slides. Simply forward us the PowerPoint slides with the timings recorded, and we will do the rest. As with our webinar recording service, your final PowerPoint video can be MP4, Windows Media, QuickTime or virtually any other type of video file.

Conference Call Recording Services

“I love AudioFile Solutions! Your turnaround time is amazing. The quality of your recordings is top notch.”

Amy Reece, Leadereview