Podcasting Equipment Review: Podcast Recording with the CEntrance MicPort Pro

Listen to the best quality podcast recordings today and you will find that they are usually programs produced by established radio personalities—Glenn Beck, Imus, etc.  One reason that their audio quality is so good is that they are using the microphone that is best for their voice.  Producers spend hours testing multiple microphones with their talent/host and their equipment (mic pres, compressors, limiters, EQ, etc.).  The final microphone choice is determined by sound quality, not cost or connectivity.

All to often, amateur podcasters resort to using the mics that are designed for easy connectivity, such as a USB connection to their PC or MAC.  It makes sense, why spend the time, effort and expense in creating a more professional set-up when the equipment manufacturers have made it so easy.  Ultimately, it comes down to sound quality.  There are so many more choices when you open yourself up to the world of XLR connectivity, not just USB.  The solution, a XLR to USB converter.

There are several XLR to USB converters on the market today; Use Google to search “XLR to USB Microphone Converter” for the most up-to-date list.  The CEntrance MicPort Pro is one of them and a review from The Gamer Access is below.  Also see RecordingHacks.com review of four XLR to USB converters here.

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Whether you are recording a podcast, conducting an interview, or recording vocals for an upcoming audio track, a quality microphone is the most essential tool in order to produce a quality experience for the listener. With that said, most professional and studio microphones do not use your standard 3.5mm or USB connector, but instead utilize XLR making it somewhat of a challenge for those who record to a computer. That’s at least what I thought until I had the opportunity to check out CEntrance’s MicPort Pro. Read more to discover how to utilize your professional or studio microphone on any device supporting audio through a USB input!

As the only portable microphone preamp supporting 24bit/96kHz, the MicPort Pro delivers true studio sound from your XLR microphone to any device with a USB input in lossless quality. Simply connect your microphone’s XLR connector to the female XLR input on the MicPort Pro and connect the included USB cable from the MicPort Pro to your USB device, and you are all ready to go! Not to be confused for a simple XLR to USB converter, the MicPort Pro contains its very own preamp for high quality audio recordings using not only basic dynamic microphones, but those who require phantom power. If you are unaware, what phantom power is, it is the method in which DC electric power is transmitted through microphones that require active electronic circuitry. Phantom power is required for a majority of the professional and studio microphones used today.  … continue reading the full article here: A Must-Have Professional Audio Device: CEntrance MicPort Pro (Review)

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