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Digital Audio Transcription Services Company in Colorado Springs and Denver

Audio Transcription Services

There are many companies that provide audio transcription services, but only AudioFile Solutions will give you the personal attention and service you need.  We aim to be more of a partner than a vendor.

We are a 100% USA-based professional digital audio transcription services company in Colorado Springs, one hour south of Denver. We provide nationwide service to our customers in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the UK. We do NOT outsource any of our transcriptions to India or any other country.  See below for some examples of how a few customers are using our transcription services:

AVENUE Magazine: Transcript of Arianna Huffington Interview
The Nation Magazine: Transcript of Michael Moore Interview
ESPN The Magazine: Transcript of Lindsey Vonn Interview

Digital Audio Transcription Services

We transcribe audio recordings from both digital files and analog tapes.  That is, we transcribe audio files from digital formats like: MP3, WMA, MP4, etc.  If you have a cassette, micro cassette, or other analog format, we will convert your tapes to digital before we begin the transcription process.  There is an additional charge for this service, but it is well worth the cost as we provide you a copy of the digital file for your archives.

General Transcription

Our transcribers work hard transcribing your interviews, conference calls, podcasts, business meetings, webinars, audio tape recordings and more.  We are what is called a general audio transcription services company; we do not work on medical transcripts.

Great Customer Service

We are dedicated to providing you with the best customer service possible. We believe our friendly service and our low rates are the best you will find anywhere.

Affordable Pricing

Most of our transcribing services are billed at $1.98 per recorded minute! That is half of what many other companies charge! Get started with your first transcript now.


Our audio transcription services includes the following:


  • Interview transcription
  • Podcast transcription
  • Conference call transcription
  • Digital audio transcription
  • Focus group transcription
  • Business meeting transcription
  • Church sermon transcription
  • Webinar transcription
  • Audio or video transcription
  • Conference transcription
  • Tape transcription
  • Cassette transcription
  • DAT transcription
  • and more...

We can transcribe your event from almost any type of media—analog or digital.


  • CD
  • DVD
  • Audio Cassette Tape
  • Micro Cassette Tape
  • DAT (Digital Audio Tape)
  • Audio / Video File (MP3, MP2, WMA, RM, WAV, AU, SND, MOV, ASF, VM1, DSS, VOX, SRI, MP4, WMV and more.)
  • Internet
  • Telephone
  • DVR (Digital Voice Recorder)
  • Flash Media

*Our normal formatting includes removing stuttering, partial words, and ahs and ums. If you have special formatting requests, please let us know.

A Complete Solution

Our audio transcription services are especially valuable when used in combination with our conference recording or podcast production services.

How these services can work together.

  • Are you posting an audio file on your web site? How about posting the word-for-word text along with the audio file? This digital transcript will add keywords to your website that should greatly improve your SEO rankings.
  • Is your presentation of a sensitive nature that can't be released to the public until your legal department clears the information? Your legal team can review the transcript, striking thru any information that they want to delete. We will edit the audio appropriately and deliver the edited version to you in your chosen format.

We stay flexible to meet whatever need you may have.


  • We can transcribe your presentation from a live event—if you use our conference recording service—or from a cassette, micro cassette, CD, DAT, online web conference or digital audio file that you provide.
  • We deliver your transcript in Word or WordPerfect® formats, RTF, TXT or HTML, via secure email, FTP, or by CD-ROM.
  • We always try to accommodate special requests for formatting.
  • Our "regular" service is 3 business days from start to completion. Our "rush" service is available for those projects that absolutely need to be completed in 24 hours. (Both are contingent upon availability)

Give us a call, or fill out our contact form, and we'll get started on your transcript right away.

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"As an academic conducting interviews on work and play, my students and I often talk to people with unusual vocabularies specific to their activities. The AudioFile Solutions team is meticulous about learning the vocabularies and transcribing the interviews accurately and faithfully. The work is always done in a timely manner, with careful attention to detail. First rate."

Bonnie Nardi
University of California, Irvine
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